Reading Tools

A powerful collection of assistive tools to improve reading comprehension, encourage independent reading, and increase fluency for students learning the English language.

Language Translation

Translate any individual word or an entire passage into your native language, with support for more than 60 languages.

Read-Aloud Mode

With text-to-speech technology, students can hear any story read-aloud. Students can customize the voice and speed of the narration.

Interactive Phonics Tutor

Students can hear the digital tutor phonetically sound out individual words, then repeat the word back for instant feedback on pronunciation.

Picture Dictionary

Readers can preview an image that visually represents the word.

Grammar Elements

View and highlight specific grammar elements to build a foundational understanding of English language structure.

Animation of The Text Hub Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Bring all of The Text Hub reading tools with you across the web.

Focus View

Students can highlight individual words or lines for greater focus.

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