Success Story

YMCA/JR Harris Elementary


JR Harris Elementary​

Houston, Texas

JR Harris is an elementary school located in one of Houston’s most diverse and underserved communities.

In the spring of 2023, The Text Hub partnered with the YMCAs afterschool program for ESL students at JR Harris Elementary in Houston, Texas.

*Study group included a total of 10 ELL (English Language Learners) students from grades 2 to 4, however only students who completed 10 or more reading assessments were considered statistically relevant. Students in the study were required to use the platform in class twice a week for three months. The study was conducted in association with the YMCA of Houston.

Third and fourth grade ESL students at JR Harris Elementary saw an average increase of 3 reading levels in under 3 months.

“With The Text Hub and our partnership, we’ve been able to see a growth in the kids reading levels.  They’ve really excelled. It’s been such a great opportunity for our kids to have this platform to use.”

Gabriela Tohill

Youth Development Director, YMCA of Greater Houston

86% of ESL students from grades 2 to 4 at JR Harris Elementary School in Houston who participated in The Text Hub pilot program improved their English reading skills by at least 1 level.

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